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Highly Accurate Accelerometers for Vibration Monitoring, Fault Detection and Critical Flight Data Measurements
For over 50 years, AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems has offered a range of inertial and piezoelectric accelerometers for military and commercial aircraft. Aircraft operators around the world trust our multi-axial accelerometers to transmit critical data to the flight data recorder, while our custom designed piezoelectric accelerometers are the proven equipment choice for vibration monitoring in fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, space vehicle and missile systems.

  • Piezoelectric +

    Vibration and Health Monitoring for Engine, Gearbox, APU, Missile and Space Applications
    • Proven reliability on major aircraft engines, including: CF34-10, JT9D and F135
    • Fully-welded construction offers isolation from extreme pressures and environments
    • Operational in extreme temperature ranges between -450oF – 1100oF
    • Offered in 3 operating modes: Compression, Shear and Bender
  • Inertial +

    Trusted Multi-Axial Accelerometers for Digital Flight Data Recorders
    • Transmits critical lateral, longitude and vertical acceleration data to the aircraft's flight data recorder
    • Equipment of choice on most major Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft
    • Tested to TSO C51 and RTCA DO-160
    • ARINC 542, 573 and 717 compliant


  • Fatigue Meter +

    Fully-Integrated Accelerometer for Data Monitoring and Preemptive Maintenance
    • Replaces counting accelerometer, transducer and indicator
    • Reliable solid-state electronics and data acquisition equipment in a single light-weight unit
    • Measures and stores G level information for over 300 flights
    • Visual prompts/warning when data is due for download
  • Applications +

    • Engine Vibration Monitoring
    • APU Monitoring
    • Digital Flight Data Recorders
    • Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS)
    • Missile and Space Applications
  • Data Sheet +