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Aircraft Fluid Level Sensors

Fluid Level Sensors
Precision Fluid Level Sensing for Engine Oil, Hydraulic, Water/Waste and Fuel Systems

AMETEK is a world leader in the design and production of fluid level sensors for engine oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid, potable water and waste systems. We offer a range of fluid probe technologies and high/low level switches making AMETEK the ideal choice for integration across the entire engine lube oil, hydraulic or fuel system.

  • Capacitance Probes +

    Custom Designed Probes for Superior Fluid Level Measurement
    • Ideal for fuel reservoir, hydraulic reservoir and engine/APU lube oil applications
    • Active capacitance offers robust signal for precise level readings and long term reliability
    • Flexible design is easily adapted for retrofitting or modernizing older aircraft
    • Temperature range: -65° to 400°F (-54° to 205°C)
  • Reed Switch Level Sensors +

    Reliable, Rugged and Proven Design for Engine, Gearbox and Hydraulic Oil Systems
    • Rugged yet simple design for immersion in high-temperature fluids
    • Proven reliability in excess of 200,000 hours
    • HTS oil-resistant seals and materials offered for high-temperature and extreme environments
    • Optional features include RTDs, temperature switches and low level warning
    • Temperature range: -80° to 450°F (-65° to 232°C)
  • Liquid Level Float Switches +

    Lightweight, Simple Design for High/Low Level Sensing
    • Ideal for aircraft fuel and oil/lubrication reservoirs, typically for high/low level readings or warnings
    • Wide variety of designs available - over 200 different configurations in service today
    • Designed to operate in and meet the demands of MIL-F-5572, MIL-F-5616, MIL-F5624, MIL-L-7808, and MIL-L-23699 fluid specifications
    • Temperature range: -65° to 275°F (-54° to 135°C)
  • Waste System Level Sensors +

    Installed on All Boeing Aircraft with Vacuum Waste Systems since 1989
    • Preferred waste level sensor for 737 Next Generation, 747, 757, 767 and 777
    • Unique electronic design based accurately distinguishes true waste level from any coating on the sensor
    • Sealed to prevent exposure to cleaning solutions, waste and other fluids
  • Data Sheet +