Product Data Sheets

Our complete line of temperature, pressure, level and motion sensors is one of the most robust offerings available on the market. From hydraulic systems to fuel management, aircraft system suppliers trust AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems to provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive sensing solutions.
Aircraft OEMs around the world trust our suite of air data products to measure and
relay critical flight information. Our product line is one of the most comprehensive on the
market offering our customers reduced system integration costs and optimized

Sensing solutions for bleed air, cabin air, potable water and waste, thermal controls and smoke/fire suppression systems.
Our engine and propulsion sensors provide critical measurements of temperature, speed, pressure and fluid level. For more than 60 years, AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems has offered accurate and rugged sensor solutions for clean, efficient, reliable and cost-effective engine operation.
We supply a variety of scalable and specialized sensors for use in commercial and military aircraft flight control systems. Our proximity sensors are widely used in most Boeing commercial aircraft for compartment and door sensing applications. While our position sensors are trusted by the U.S. military for their precision and high reliability.
Our complete line of fluid quantity, level, temperature and pressure sensors can be integrated with our own digital signal conditioners, transient suppressors, refueling panels and wiring harnesses giving our customers a single source for the entire fuel management system.
AMETEK SFMS offers a robust line of products to cover the sensing demands of the entire hydraulic system. Our complete line of fluid level probes, high/low level switches, pressure sensors, and hydraulic fluid temperature sensors gives our customers a single source for hydraulic system sensing and measurement.
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Rugged, reliable and highly-accurate sensors for the harsh demands of space applications