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Aircraft Fuel Management System

Fuel Management Systems
Complete Fuel System Capability

AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management System is the leading supplier of complete fluid and fuel management systems for military, commercial aircraft and rotorcraft. Our complete line of fluid quantity, level, temperature and pressure sensors can be integrated with our own digital signal conditioners, fuel management units, transient suppressors, refueling panels and wiring harnesses giving our customers a single source for the entire fuel management system.
  • Fuel Level Sensors +

    Custom Designed Capacitance Probes, Reed Switch and Float Switch Level Sensors for Fuel Management

    Fuel Probes

    AMETEK is a world leader in the design and production of fluid level sensors for engine oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid, potable water and waste systems. We offer a range of fluid probe technologies and high/low level switches that are custom designed for our customers.

    Fuel Probes

    • Active capacitance offers robust signal for precise level readings and long term reliability
    • Flexible design is easily adapted for retrofitting or modernizing older aircraft
    • Temperature range: -65° to 400°F (-54° to 205°C)

    Liquid Level Float Switches
      • Ideal for aircraft fuel and oil/lubrication reservoirs, typically for high/low level readings or warnings
      • Wide variety of designs available - over 200 different configurations in service today
      • Designed to operate in and meet the demands of MIL-F-5572, MIL-F-5616, MIL-F5624, MIL-L-7808, and MIL-L-23699 fluid specifications
      • Temperature range: -65° to 275°F (-54° to 135°C)
    • Fuel Quantity Signal Conditioner +

      Fuel Quantity Signal Conditioners for Highly Accurate Fuel Measurement

      Fuel Quantity Signal Conditioner
      Signal conditioners process our active capacitance probe signals and produce robust analog or digital outputs (ARINC 429, RS232) to give operators more accurate and reliable fuel reading. They perform the following functions:

      - Tank profiling
      - Fuel type compensation
      - Digital filtering to suppress sloshing
      - Attitude compensation
      - Low level detection
      - Pump and valve control
      - Built-in-test and system monitoring

    • Refuel Panels +

      Custom Designed Refuel Panels

      Refueling Panel
      Our refuel panel allows ground service personnel to interact with the fuel gauging system and refuel the aircraft without entering the cockpit. This includes displaying fuel quantity and fault codes for the fuel gauging system to help operators quickly isolate maintenance issues. Panels are typically custom designed in various interfaces and sizes.

      • Accurate measurement
      • ARINC 429 data output
      • Monitoring system status
      • Built-in test capabilities (BIT)
      • Leading technology
      • Scalable solution
      • SFAR-88 Compliant