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What is the Aircraft Fuel Gauging System?

The aircraft fuel gauging systems accurately monitor and measure the quantity of on-aircraft fuel, which is a critical function necessary for the safe and efficient operation of any aircraft. 

The fuel gauging systems are comprised of fuel probes, fuel quantity signal conditioners, test sets, and electrical cables that all work together to secure an accurate on-aircraft calibration of the fuel gauging quantities. 

The proper function of these systems ensures that:

The fuel tanks are filled and drained properly.
The fuel is transported safely from the tanks to the engines.
The fuel is balanced to maintain the center of gravity of the airplane.
The quantity of fuel is always measured properly and indicated accurately to the pilot and ground crew.
There is a multi-level redundancy, and a failure of any single component does not result in a catastrophic condition.

Fuel Level

  • High accuracy active capacitance fuel probes
  • Robust 1-2 mA output
  • Fuel compensators
  • High/low level float switches
  • SFAR 88 compliant
Fuel Quantity

Fuel Quantity Signal Conditioning

  • Analog or digital outputs (ARINC 429, RS232)
  • Built-in system monitoring and tank profiling
  • Fuel type compensation
Refuel Control

Refuel Control Panel

  • Digital display with 25 pound resolution
  • 18 to 32.2 VDC input
  • ARINC-429 communication
  • Displays system fault codes
AMETEK has three decades of experience in aircraft fuel gauging systems. We have developed, certified, and produced aircraft fuel gauging systems with fuel capacities ranging from less than 5000 pounds to greater than 150,000 pounds.

Our fluid gauging product line includes signal conditioners, fuel management units, indicators, refuel control panels, low level sensors and active capacitance probes for conductive and non-conductive fluids, such as aviation fuel, potable water, and hydraulic fluids. This gives our customers a single source for the entire fuel management system.

Learn more about AMETEK’s fuel gauging systems here:


AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems (SFMS) is a global leader in the design, test and manufacturing of sensing products for the commercial, military-defense, business-jet and space markets. These sensors support applications related to temperature, pressure, fluid level, fluid flow, position, and acceleration/speed, many of which need to operate in harsh operating environments. SFMS has been producing product for systems operating on the most critical commercial and military aircraft programs in aerospace history.

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