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Sensors for the Military & Defense Market

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Radar Cooling, Missile, Actuation and Hydraulic Systems are just a few of the many applications that require robust sensing capabilities. These critical systems require sensors for liquid cooling, motion control, health monitoring, fuel management and oxygen sensing/monitoring. SFMS has supported today’s prime and tier 1 manufacturers with proven, qualified sensors for these critical military systems programs. These sensors are easily adapted to meet customer specifications or can either be used as designed.

RTD Temperature Sensors
 a AMETEK’s RTD (resistance temperature detector) Temperature Sensors use a thin film design, that is low cost and reliable. These designs are platinum based with a typical temperature range up to 200°C. Accuracy is within 1°C and response time is less than 5 seconds (max).

SOI Pressure Sensors
 a AMETEK’s SOI (silicon on insulator) Pressure Sensors provide robust and low-cost sensing with a stable and reliable design. AMETEK has a proprietary Field-Shield™ that eliminates the cause of long-term instability associated with piezoresistive pressure transducers. Typical designs have been tested to the most stringent environmental requirements such as MIL-STD-461F, DO-160E and D6-16050-5.

Fluid Level Sensors a AMETEK has been manufacturing level sensors for many years. Fuel, Oil, Water, or any media that requires level sensing is possible. AMETEK uses either an active capacitance or float-reed switch design, based on customer preference.



AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems (SFMS) is a global leader in the design, test and manufacturing of sensing products for the commercial, military-defense, business-jet and space markets. These sensors support applications related to temperature, pressure, fluid level, fluid flow, position and acceleration/speed, many of which need to operate in harsh operating environments. SFMS has been producing product for systems operating on the most critical commercial and military aircraft programs in aerospace history.

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Sensors for the Military & Defense Market
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